Pop art love is a Cristiano Ceretti project.
It is the result of many years of passionate design and finally found the way to meet all of you who appreciate.

Cristiano Ceretti was born in  Milan in 1973. starting from his childhood he found in drawing his favorite form of expression. With the years all of his free time is dedicated to painting, sculpt, photography and graphic design, which in time will become a an inseparable tool.

At the age of sixteen, lives in Los Angeles for one year. On his skateboard wheels meets the most different people. From the Cheer leaders of Beverly Hills to dodgy members of Mexican bands. This experience exponentially expands his vision of the world and his imagination. In 1992, he returned to Italy, Here he starts a brilliant studies in architecture and design. In 1997 the “Erasmus” scholarship thanks him to London for a whole year. London is The City, where everything is possible. This will become a regular destination of his trip around the world.

He achieve a full degree in Architecture at Polytechnic of Milan in 2002 with a very unusual thesis “A day to Parsifal.” It’s a real success that allows him to graduate with honors.
His profession has always to do with the image. He was graphic and concept designer, visual, art director, set director, design director, photographer and video Director. As time goes by he’s more and more involve in the real world of business. He worked in Milan, Rome, London, Monaco and Saint Petersburg. From one hand he develops managing attitude to the other hand he is growing his passion for fine art.

While working for a real estate company based in Milan, in 2005, with his friend and colleague Francesco Attolini creates the Media Lab. Al the visual output of the holding company flows through their hands. With and Giacinto di Pietrantonio and Francesco Attolini, Cristiano Ceretti creates and organize Galleria in Galleria. This is the biggest exhibition ever held in a European metropolitan underground involving 15 tube stations and 20 artists.

As the time to devote to free expression increasingly sacrificed his drawings are vented through the adverse movement of the mouse. The dynamics of abuse of the body corporate bullies come in subjects, while in the environments are often found photographic evidence of his travels. Glimpses of lived and erotic fantasies merge, creating imaginary scenes of a contemporary reality. His art is first shown to his friends that go crazy for it. Then it’s time for exhibitions in bars with opening and happenings, till he start to organize proper exhibitions in milano galleries. In 2009 his first Russian solo is guest by OIOIOI Art gallery, TAMPAX LOVE is the title of the exhibition. It’s a great success and a little scandal with public and press. incredible sales. In 2009 he exhibited at the exhibition “Planet Amorouse” in Milan where he came into contact with Xante Battaglia.

Meanwhile, the gallery owner and Russian sculptor Mikhail Dolgopolov and his artist friend Francesco Attolini invite him to move to St. Petersburg to become the design director of the Gallery. 2010 is a year full of emotions and exhibitions, collaborations with artists, photographic experiments and especially the return to painting that has accompanied him in his first steps as an artist. 2012 is the year of his first Biennale. His project “Pinocchio goes to Smolny” is in fact selected by the Italian Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg to attend the 53rd Venice Biennale.

He’s now working in advertising as art director. His drawing are getting sharper and sharper.


Cristiano Ceretti Major exhibitions and awards

December 2006. Personal B4. Milan

June 2007. Master Class. “The angels of San Pietroburgo” Photography. St. Petersburg

December 2007. Staff. Ghost Gallery. Milan

June 2008.Miglior photography. Master Class. St. Petersburg

November 2008. Collective. Paratissima. Atellier’s. Turin

October 2009. Staff. TAMPAXLOVE. OIOIOI Gallery. St. Petersburg

November 2009. Collective. Paratissima. Turin

December 2009. Collective. Driven Rosa. One space Pomezia. Milan

February 2010. Staff. Licor de Ginja. Angelic Devil. Milan

April 2010. Collective. Planet Amorouse. Spazio Fitzcarraldo. Milan

July 2010. Performance Personnel. ART YACHT. OIOIOI Gallery. St. Petersburg

September 2010 Collective. Best of OIOIOI. OIOIOI Gallery. St. Petersburg

June 2012. 53rd Venice Biennale. Collective. Pinocchio goes to Smolny. Venice

December 2015. Nevski 8 Art Center.Pinocchio goes to Smolny. St Petersburg